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« Miniatures » – Company Mafalda (Argentina, Switzerland)

Switzerland, Argentina — Events Tecnopolis Presentation © Compañía Mafalda

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July 2019 to November 2019.

Argentina, Switzerland.

Directed by Argentine choreographer Teresa Rotemberg, Company Mafalda, based in Zurich, Switzerland, obtained support from Pro Helvetia’s COINCIDENCIA program for the production and tour of the children’s dance spectacle entitled « Miniatures ».

Conceived based on encounters with Argentine and Swiss children, the creative process collected drawings, writings, and texts whose content evoked fantastic situations and scenarios. Scenarios such as a sky covered in sweets, a flock of birds that turned into chocolate, a heart moving through the body, moments of loneliness in a turbulent world, among other potent metaphors that identified fears, sadness, pleasures, and desire common to the diversity of individuals aged between 7 and 12 years.

The research and reflection process opened up several questions that gained time and space through the movements of the dancers Lucas Coria, Xenja Füger, and Naomi Kamihigashi. Questions like «do you think your best friend will still be your best friend in ten years?», «what can you do better than your parents or other adults?» «how many realities are there?», «what is destiny?», «when did you miss someone so much?», «when were you another person?», «when did you fight against fear?» guided the project that circulated in three countries between July and November 2019.

With support from Pro Helvetia, City of Zurich’s Culture, the Dr. Adolf Streuli Foundation, Migros Culture, Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, Karl Sophie Binding Foundation, Südkulturfonds, and Studio 1 Training Center for Film and Media, the spectacle had its debut in Argentina, circulating in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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