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«Museum of Neo-Extractivism» at Parque de la Memoria (Argentina)

Argentina — Events © Parque de la Memoria

Supported by COINCIDENCIAEtcétera, an artistic collective formed by Loreto Garín Guzmán and Federico Zukerfeld, presents the work «Museum of Neo-Extractivism[MNE]» in the collective exhibition The Future of Memory. A project of a nomadic nature, MNE is the result of an investigation into the neo-extractivist model and its consequences in the spheres of social health, ecology and human rights. 

The exhibition, curated by Florencia Battiti, aimed to create a transdisciplinary and transnational dialogue around the memory of dictatorships, armed conflicts and historical violence in Latin American countries. In this context, Etcétera presents MNE, a project that uses the aesthetics of the absurd to criticize the development of extractive models in the countries of the South, an economic system based on a colonial mechanism that has organized and solidified capitalism in all countries of the world by appropriating over centuries the natural and subjective resources of Latin American regions. 

Adapting to the spaces it inhabits, the project was presented in the PAyS room of the Parque de la Memoria in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and included installations, site-specifics, photographs, videos, objects and maps, among other materials, also presenting interventions in the surroundings of the park. The exhibition was supported by the Goethe-Institute and featured artists Marcelo BrodskyGabriela Golder and Mariano Speratti. 

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