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«Mute/Unmute» Benoît Moreau

Switzerland, Colombia, Chile — Events MuteUnmute_BenoitMoreau_(c)Benoit Moreau

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August, 02-12, 2018

Valparaíso, Valdivia (Chile); Bogotá (Colombia)

The sound artist, composer of instrumental and electronic music Benoît Moreau plays the piano, clarinet and electronic instruments live. He works in the field of experimental and improvised music, performance and sound installations, cinema and musical theatre. The sound engineer and curator also leads an artistic research programme at the Lausanne University of Music.

«Mute/Unmute» was created while on tour in Chile and Colombia in August, 2018. It is an electro-acoustic solo, performed live using a three-channel sound system. This improvisation recomposes and breaks down the sounds of three instruments, pre-recorded: clarinet, piano and electronics.

The piece attempts to create the illusion of a studio recording session in which three musicians play their own part, each isolated in their own soundproofed box. At the other end of the microphones, a sound engineer freely opens and closes the channels, adding effects to what he is hearing to create a new composition.

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