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«Passage-World: Interconnections from Magallanes» – Dominik Zietlow (Chile)

Chile — Research Trips © Dominik Zietlow

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November 2019.


Aiming to promote and divulge the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic identity through art, science, technology and education, LIQUENLAB acts as a non-profit laboratory that drives projects based on workshops and residences focused on concrete practices, emphasizing creative processes and collaborative work.

In November 2019, in partnership with Pro Helvetia and the Chilean curator Rodolfo Andaur, they carried out the «Passage-World: Interconnections from Magallanes» research trip, which featured the special participation of multimedia artist Dominik Zietlow (Switzerland) who, between the days 4 and 24 of November inhabited the Patagonian landscape and, more specifically, the Magallanes region, sharing artistic experiences with performer Juana Guerrero (Chile), in Punta Delgada, with whom he could exchange ideas and co-create projects.

Coinciding with the 500 year mark of the colonization of the Strait of Magallanes, the artist developed the project «Perdido un día», in which he categorizes Patagonian sheep farming as a precursor symbol to a complex historical-cultural plot. Investigating the historical impacts caused by wool production and trade in the region, the artist uses audiovisual and photographic platforms to deepen his understanding of local and global interaction processes between wool production, world trade and landscape.

Zietlow built connections with the population and landscapes of the region during his residency, visiting the Pali Aike National Park, located at the Chilean border with Argentina, and also carrying out activities with the Punta Delgada community. Disembarking in the country at a time of strong political expression, the artist was able to follow  protests that took place in Punta Arenas.

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