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Paykuna – South American tour

Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia — Events

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Mixing traditional Bolivian music and jazz aesthetics, the group Paykuna [CH] seeks rhythmic and folklor-ic diversity while leaving room for improvisation. In 2021, the band led by pianist and composer Demian Coca released the album «Rinakaruy», which, in Quecha, means “to travel”.

The journey reached Paykuna’s source of inspiration: the band is taking part in a tour in South America, with concerts in Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia (for FestJazz Bolivia) in August and September 2022.

The idea is not only to present the band’s work to South American audiences and local artists, but also to encourage the development and inspiration of Paykuna’s music.


Paykuna performs compositions by pianist Demian Coca [BO/CH], which are inspired by traditional Boliv-ian music. Demian was introduced to traditional Bolivian music by his father at a very young age. During his studies at the Hochschule Luzern, he sought his own voice in music and reconnected with this early musical influence, establishing the conceptual basis for Paykuna. Stylistic elements of pre-Hispanic and Afro-Bolivian music are abstracted and incorporated into Demian’s compositions in a jazz context. Their complex arrangements reflect the rhythmic diversity and melodic richness of folklore and at the same time leave room for the group members to improvise. Thus the seven musicians aurally create volcanic landscapes of the Andes, tropical jungles of the Amazon, savannahs of the Gran Chaco and open the door to a world of new sounds. Since 2016, the band has played several concerts in Switzerland, Aus-tria, and Slovakia and has recorded two albums: «Raíces» (2017) and «Rinakaruy» (2021).

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