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«Public Voices!» – at Parque de la Memoria (Argentina)

Argentina, Switzerland, Chile — Events © Public Voices!

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November, 2020.


How does it feel to occupy public space?

What changes when you are able to speak?

What does it mean to incorporate and share moments of collective and
individual manifestation?

How can we document these moments?

Can we learn from each other?

Who is the 
subject of the protest? Who is excluded?

What bodies and voices are missing and why?

Motivatedby these questions, Public Voices has established itself as a collective that recognizes the public sphere as a territory of dispute that needs to be permanently delimited, and has dedicated itself to the audiovisual recording of the feminist struggle in Switzerland and Latin American countries, creating a platform for the permanent exchange of experiences 

Guided by the desire to create a cultural heritage off these manifestations, the project registers, compiles and organizes voices, music, cries and whispers from the lastest protests of May 8 (International Women’s Day) based on the common denominator of a political narrative that expands beyond national borders. 


Although with its own specificities and distinct histories of inequality and oppression, Public Voices seeks to approximate, via the creation of places of coexistence, the way these differences manifest themselves in the public sphere.    

“Latin America is made up of many regions with diverse cultures and traditions, and in Switzerland the different cantons and migration movements also present scenarios of diversity and inequality. – PV!  

In its first installation at Parque de la Memoria in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the audiovisual piece brings together works by artists and collectives from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Switzerland. 

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