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«Research Trip in Switzerlad» Guilherme Werneck and Luis Conde

Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina — Research Trips Luis Conde improvising with Swiss artist Andy Guhl ©Luis Conde

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1 to 13 February 2019

Luis Conde

Guilherme Werneck

For two weeks, in February 2019, the Brazilian journalist Guilherme Werneck and the Argentinean musician Luis Conde were in Switzerland for research trips in the framework of «Incidencias Sonoras: COINCIDENCIA experimental music & sound art platform». The two professionals created individual itineraries with points of intersection and meeting, such as the «Ear We Are» festival, in Biel.

Guilherme Werneck is a writer and journalist specialized in music and culture, and one of the first podcasters in Brazil. He is a publisher of the «Bravo!» magazine, one of the most important Brazilian vehicles in the art and culture journalistic coverage. During his trip, Werneck visited record stores such as «Plattfon», in Brasileia, and «Oor Records», in Zurich, and spaces for experimental music to attend concerts and to have professional meetings, such as the «Cave 12», in Geneva, and the «Boschbar», in Zurich.

Luis Conde is a wind multi-instrumentalist specialized in popular and contemporary musical improvisation. He also works as a professor and researcher, interpreter, composer and performer. During his trip, he held several professional meetings, such as with the coach Pablo Assandri, and played with local artists in contexts such as the «Institut of Incoherent Cinematography», in Zurich, and the «Das Intitut» where he presented an improvisational performance together with Saadet Türköz on vocals and Fritz Hauser on percussion and drums.

The travels and the meeting between Guilherme and Luis in Switzerland resulted in an article published in the «Bravo!» magazine titled «Experimental Switzerland», in which Guilherme gives an overview of how the exploratory music scene is organized in the country and interviews Luis Conde on his work and his experience during the research trip.


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