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«Same Flag» – Peter Aerschmann’s research trip to El Boga [CO]

Colombia — Research Trips

An artist who works in the field of video, interactive computer installations and photography, Peter Aerschmann [CH] travels around the world, filming people and objects in public space, combining fragments as loops on the virtual stage and writing algorithms to control their movements and behaviour.

The result are videos and interactive installations that often show the apparent trivialities of everyday urban life but address socio-political issues such as globalisation, mobility, communication, and digital transformation. They are played in a loop, as a metaphor for the endless repetitiveness of daily life.

In April 2023, he set off on a research trip to Santa Cruz de Mompox, a town in northern Colombia. He was hosted by Casa Taller El Boga (El Boga Residency), a foundation that develops cultural, academic, and artistic activities, fostering a dialogue between visitors and the local community and promoting the village’s heritage.

Peter sought to get in touch with Colombia’s culture and landscape and to collaborate with local artists. He also participated in an artist talk with other artists in residence, produced new material and exposed his video art to the public in the streets of Mompox, creating a space of encounter for the community.


Peter Aerschmann [CH] is a video artist who lives and works in Bern and Zumholz. He studied art and computer science at the Universities of Bern and Basel. Peter is the initiator and co-founder of the PROGR foundation Bern a cultural centre with an artist’s residency program (Residency.ch). He has worked since 1999 as an artist in the field of video and interactive computer installations. His work has been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and museums internationally.

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