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«Segundas Intenciones» [AR]

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Bridging Argentinians and Swiss, LODO – International Living Arts Platform [AR] created a completely virtual event exploring other collaboration, production, and dissemination forms.

«Segundas Intenciones» (Second Intentions) was held in October 2021 and brought together voices of art and science, in debates, performative conferences, and spaces for exchange. Several activities discussed our eco-social crisis and brought perspectives on alternative forms of existence, interspecies relationships, connections with the territory and machines.

The duo tobibienz [CH] and Victoria Papagni [AR] collaborated digitally to deconstruct their anthropocentric perception (through the image of a cockroach) in «Parasite Selfie». Meloe Gennai [CH] and Duen Sacchi [AR] participate in a four-handed writing process in «DUET». The performative conference «Un tratado antivisial» brought together Axel Krygier, Pablo Riera and Melina Seldes [AR].

«Parasite Selfie», by tobibienz [CH] and Victoria Papagni [AR]

Brizuela [AR], Koller [CH] and Marcos Perearnau [AR] discussed the power of plants in «Tejidos de poder». «Arrebato topográfico», with Elina Rodriguez and María José Trucco [AR], articulated registers on the action of dragging. In «Escenarios Comunes», Marcela Basch [AR], Leila Chakroun [CH] and Laura Kalauz [AR] debated how to collaborate in the systemic dimension of post-capitalist experimentation.

«Intercambios Epistolares», a virtual device that investigates the possibilities of transdisciplinary creation at a distance, gathered Martín Tchira [AR] and Christian Bili [CH]. NORA MINC Audiovisual Telematic Ensemble [AR] presented a performative concert created collectively. And Colectivo Utópico [AR/BR/CH] developed performative formats and publications to question the way utopias shape our society.


LODO is a platform for the exchange, production, and circulation of contemporary living arts that operates in Latin America and is based in Buenos Aires since 2014. The first festival was held in 2014 at the Matienzo Cultural Club and started the platform. In 2020 and in the context of the pandemic, the first online event was born, «Inhabiting the mud», thus beginning a new exhibition stage on the Internet.

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