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«Selvagem – Cycle of Studies about Life» – Jeremy Narby

Brazil, Switzerland — Events Logo for «Selvagem» Event in Brazil ©Selvagem

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«Selvagem – Cycle of Studies about Life»

Theater of the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

13 to 15 November 2018

The event «Selvagem – Cycle of Studies about Life», curated by Anna Dantes, brought together researchers and thinkers from seemingly distant cultures, and who use remarcably different study mechanisms, to present their views on life, creating paralels between indigenous, scientific, academic and ancestral knowledge.

The COINCIDENCIA program supported the participation of the Swiss-based anthropologist and writer Jeremy Narby. Narby studied with the Ashaninka people in the Peruvian Amazon, cataloging the forest resources to combat its destruction.

On November 13, 2018, the author took part in the talk «The serpents and the DNA» along with Moisés Piyãko, political and shamanic representative of the Ashaninka people, and Gustavo Porto de Mello, Doctor in astrophysics and stellar chemistry researcher. The talk was based on the book «Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge» by Jeremy Narby, which was released in Portuguese at the time by «Dantes» publishing house. The work seeks to establish correlations between native knowledge and science, through a parallel between the serpents of the original myths and the DNA, present in every form of life.

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