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Series of compositions by the duo Cristián Alvear [CL] and Cyril Bondi [CH]

Chile, Switzerland

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Cristián Alvear

Cyril Bondi

In a collaborative project between several artists, the duo Cristián Alvear [CL] and Cyril Bondi [CH] commissioned original creations from six young composers from Chile and Switzerland, later interpreted and recorded by the duo throughout 2021 in Geneva and Santiago de Chile.

The compositions were produced at a distance, each artist in its local space and context, and the exchanges took place virtually. The result, which has already had the first part released (the other two should be out in 2022), brings together the style diversity of the participating musicians – Barbara González (CL), Santiago Astaburuaga (CL), Nicolás Carrasco (CL), Mara Winter (CH), Anna-Kaisa Meklin (CH) and d’incise (CH).

Listen to the first part of the project


Cristián Alvear is a Chilean musician dedicated to the research and performance of contemporary, experimental and avant-garde music. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Arts with a Mention in Music at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. He researches the interpretive processes in Chilean experimental works composed during the 21st century.

Cyril Bondi has been a drummer and percussionist since 1994. A key figure of the Swiss music scene, he is a founding member of the band La Tène and the duo Cyril Cyril. In the field of experimental music, he has worked with projects such as diatribes, Bondi Martel Schiller and many other collaborations.

Bárbara González is a sound-visual artist and composer living in Santiago de Chile. She has developed performative actions and sound installations based on choreographic scores in different artistic circuits, galleries, museums, and festivals.

Nicolás Carrasco is a Chilian composer. He has written scores since 2008, some of which have been performed in concerts and recorded on phonograms, in Chile and countries in Asia and Europe.

Santiago Astaburuaga is a Chilian composer, performer and researcher. From 2010 he has been part of the & collective, whose work is focused on the creation and production of experimental scores and the translation and publication of texts.

Anna-Kaisa Meklin is a Swiss musician. She has an interdisciplinary approach and combines different musical styles. She also includes other mediums like texts, videos etc., as performative elements in her work.

Mara Winter [CH] has pursued a specialization performing early transverse flutes of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Her involvement in the field of experimental and improvisational music has given her a captivating perspective on the interpretation of early western art music.

Laurent Peter, a.k.a. d’incise, is a Swiss drifting musician who works between dub sound system and experimental electronic music. Sound explorer, he has no instrument, using whatever can be considered, such as softwares, recordings and objects.

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