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«Sound Artist Coralie Ehinger» Trip to Chile

Chile, Switzerland — Events

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Coralie Ehinger’s website
Electromagnética Festival’s page

16 – 20 November 2018

Switzerland, Chile

Coralie Ehinger lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland. She is passionate about electronic instruments, particularly the theremin –an instrument you play without actually touching it. Since 2016, with her solo project called «Therminal C», she has been exploring the use of the theremin not just as an instrument, but also as an interface for triggering and modulating sounds on a synthesizer. Beyond that, she works in partnership with the Swiss companies WaveLicker and WackyLab to design innovative tools for thereminists. 

During her trip to Chile, in November 2018, she presented her work giving talks and concerts in the context of the «Electromagnética – 4to Festival Internacional de Theremin», in Santiago and Valparaiso.  On top of that, she continued exploring the use of the theremin as an interface for sound and visuals in collaboration with synthesizers’ experts and VJs, such as «Fundacion Voltajes Aleatorios». 


In 2020, the theremin will celebrate its 100th anniversary as an instrument. Coralie Ehinger experiments with making the theremin’s wave audible and visible, thinking of it as a prepared instrument, at the crossroads of different disciplines. In this senseexplorations and collaborations are being developed and will be demonstrated in Switzerland, as part of the sound events platform N/O/D/E 

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