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South American Tour – Yann Marussich

Argentina, Chile, Uruguay — Events Yann Marussich (c) Bienal de Performance

In 2017, the artist Yann Marussich toured three South American countries: Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.

From the  6th to the 10th May, he delivered a workshop for performers at the FIDCU Uruguay International Contemporary Dance Festival.

On 12th and 13th May, he took part to the Performance Biennale with his work «Bleu Remix», performed at the National Fine Arts Museum of Buenos Aires, and on the 14th he gave a lecture on his work. In San Juan, he presented his work «Bleu Remix» in the Bicentennial Theatre and delivered a workshop for artists from this province.

In the framework of the annual activities of Fundación Teatro a Mil, Yann Marussich performed «Bain Brisé» and «Bleu Remix» on 18th, 19th and 20th May at GAM, Gabriela Mistral Cultural Centre. On the 23th to the 25th May he also delivered a workshop for local artists.

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