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«Tage argentinischer Literatur» (Days of Argentine Literature) in Zurich

Switzerland, Argentina — Knowledge sharing «Eloisa Cartonera» publishing house during «Argentinische Litteratur» ©Nicolas Duc

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22-24 February 2019


Selva Almada, Lola Arias, Maria Cecilia Barbetta, Martin Caparròs, Washington Cucurto, Ariel Dilon, Eleonora Gonzáles Capria, Ariel Magnus, María Luque, Alan Pauls, Claudia Piñero, Beatriz Sarlo and Samanta Schweblin from Argentina, Mateo Cardona from Colombia, Camila Fadda Gacitúa from Chile, Iván García López from Mexico, Silke Kleemann from Germany, Sabina Leone, Sacha Batthyany and Anna Trauffer from Switzerland.

The «Tage argentinischer Literatur» (Days of Argentine Literature) took place at the Literaturhaus (House of Literature) in Zürich, Switzerland, from 22 to 24 February 2019. Various authors, translators, publishers and journalists from Latin America and Switzerland were invited. The guests presented topics like migration and exile, economic crisis, and dictatorship.

Starting in 2016, with the Days of Arabic Literature, the festival held in the biggest city of Switzerland presents a different region every year. After the Days of Russian Literature and the Days of Indian Literature, it was the time for Argentina to show its cultural aspects through discussions, performances, a workshop and a film projection.

The Festival had the collaboration of different partners: the Übersetzerhaus Looren  (Translation House Looren), the FUMETTO International Comic Festival, the Swiss magazine «Reportagen», the «Romanischer Seminar» of the Zürich University and the International Book Festival in Buenos Aires (FILBA).

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