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Brazil — Events Film still «The Congo Tribunal» (c) Milo Rau


Documentary by de Milo Rau
Espaço Itaú de Cinema Anexo na Augusta
Sala 4
8 March 2018, 20h – 22h

Lecture and conversation with playwright Eva-Maria Bertschy, Diogo Costa and Lucio Bellantani
Goethe Institut São Paulo
8 March 2018, 10h – 12h

«THE CONGO TRIBUNAL» documentary by Milo Rau (Bern)

The premiere of the documentary «THE CONGO TRIBUNAL» in the Americas took place on March 8th as part of the MITsp (São Paulo International Theatre Festival) programme. The project by Swiss director Milo Rau was released in 2017 and was originally a play and a film. It investigates the war that took place in the Great Lakes region of the Congo 20 years ago, leading to over 6 million deaths. The work continues Milo Rau’s research on Central Africa, which began with «Hate Radio», his 2011 exploration of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

The film screening was followed by a conversation led by playwright and researcher Eva-Maria Bertschy.

«GENERAL ASSEMBLY» lecture and conversation with playwright Eva-Maria Bertschy (Bern), Diogo Costa and Lucio Bellantani (São Paulo)

History, theatre and politics in debate with the International Institute of Political Murder, centred around «General Assembly» and themes such as democracy, representation in the contemporary world and the political and artistic conditions of global realism. Held in November 2017, «General Assembly» brought together delegates from 60 countries in a large meeting intended to create an arena for those whose voices are not bring heard – now constituting the third global estate – to draft the 21st Century Charter. To open the debate, an 18-minute showing of the film «Storming of the Reichstag» took place.

Moderated by Benjamin Seroussi, the discussion took place between playwright and researcher Eva-Maria Berstchy, and guests and coordinators of the project, Lucio Bellentani and Diogo Costa.

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