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« The Living Body » – Katherinne Fiedler at Utopiana Residency (Switzerland)

Peru, Switzerland — Residencies The Living Body © Katherinne Fiedler

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Katherinne Fiedler Website
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April 2019 to June 2019.


One of the ten South American artists selected by the Coincidencia Open Call 2018, the Peruvian’s artist Katherinne Fieldler (Lima, 1982) spent three months at the Utopian Residence in Geneva, Switzerland, in search of new elements for the composition of her artwork.

Over several years, her work has focused on attempts to create reflections on global issues through nostalgic language to tension the relationships between human beings and ecosystems. Using elements originally stemming from nature, the artist creates metaphorical bridges between landscape and politics, territory, and poetics, among other factors resulting from historical processes, utilizing easily recognizable images that integrate the collective imagination.

« The Living Body » is born, therefore, as part of the set of works that integrate the same questioning. Finding inspiration and images in specific spaces and landscapes of the city, such as the Rhine Falls, Lake Geneva, the Point de la Jonction, the Flea Market, and the Botanical Garden, the artist produced the set of photographs, videos, and installations that were exhibited at Le Commum, between September 9th to October 10th, 2019.

Uniting natural elements with cultural objects, Katherinne constructed other narratives about the past of humanity, being able, therefore, to imagine and create possible places for the present and for the future, where living entities coexist in balance, even in the static instant of photography, with traces of time.

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