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«The Time We Live In – Current Swiss Poetry» [CO]

Colombia, Switzerland — Knowledge sharing

In the face of the excess of screens and images that we encounter daily, the beauty of the written word, especially poetry, remains a window to the invisible, to our inner treasure where the mind and feelings are truly free. With that in mind, publisher Rey Naranjo [CO] invited 37 contemporary poets from different cantons of Switzerland to write verses aimed at a Latin American audience in a virtual process of exchanges and collaborations.

Written in the native language of each author (German, French, Italian and Romansh), the texts were translated into Spanish by a select team of translators and made up the collection «El Tiempo en que Vivimos – Poesía Suiza Actual» (The Time We Live In – Current Swiss Poetry).

In addition, the publisher is organizing encounters among the poets for 2022.

The authors participating in the publication are: Alberto Nessi, Alessandro Martini, Anna Ruchat, Anne Bregani, Antonio Rodriguez, Baptiste Gaillard, Aurelio Buletti/Agostino Colombo/Mauro Valsangiacomo, Claire Genoux, Claudine Gaetzi, Cléa Chopard, Fabiano Alborghetti, Fabio Pusterla, Flurina Badel, Franz Dodel, Gianna Olinda Cadonau, Ilma Rakusa, Jessica Zuan, José-Flore Tappy, Jurg Halter, Klaus Merz, Laura Accerboni, Leta Semadeni, Levin Westermann, Mariela Merh, Marina Skalova, Markus Hedige, Meret Gut, Michael Fehr, Nathalie Schmid, Pierre Lepori, Pierre Voélin, Prisca Agustoni, Regina Dürig, Sascha Garzetti, Silviane Dupuis, Vanni Bianconi and Yari Berlasconni.