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VIDEO WINDOW [CH], a nomadic video art platform, presents at MAM (Museum of Modern Art) of Rio de Janeiro the show «URBAN STORIES. The City as Inspiration, Motive and Imagination», an overview of the Swiss video art scene in dialogue with Brazilian works.

The program is divided into two parts and begins on July 16th, 2022, with «PANORAMA», an exhibition of 33 videos that portray urban landscapes in various narratives: documentary and conceptual approaches, essays, performance, dance, music videos, and animation. These works raise questions about identity, individual and collective memory, and social, cultural, and economic relations discussions.

As for the «FOCUS» section, it gathers individual presentations by three artists: Veronika Spierenburg [CH], Marcos Chaves [BR], and Dias & Riedweg [BR/CH], which will take place on July 19, 20 and 21, respectively. In their works, they address aspects of the city of Rio de Janeiro, such as architecture, tourism, and social marginalization in the favelas.

Besides the trio, the exhibition includes works by Peter Aerschmann [CH], Seline Baumgartner [CH], Giselle Beiguelman [BR], Denise Bertschi [CH], Daria Blum [CH], Françoise Caraco [CH], Chalet5 [CH], collectif_fact [CH], Quynh Dong [CH], Aurèle Ferrier [CH], Catherine Gfeller [CH], Marianne Halter & Mario Marchisella [CH], Nicole Hoesli [CH], Susanne Hofer [CH], Silvan Kälin [CH], Dirk Koy [CH], Georgette Maag [CH], Kika Nicolela [BR/BE], Christoph Oertli [CH], Elodie Pong [CH], Doris Schmid [CH], Veronika Spierenburg [CH], and Lena Maria Thüring [CH].

The exhibition is curated by Bruno Z’Graggen, from VIDEO WINDOW, Lucas Murari and José Quental, from the MAM Rio de Janeiro Cinematheque.


VIDEO WINDOW is a nomadic platform for video art based in Zurich, managed and curated by Bruno Z’Graggen. The idea of the project is to make video art more accessible by organizing screenings, conversations with authors and shows focused on artists living in Switzerland. Large cities are an area of personal research for the curator, who discovered Brazilian video art during his six-month research residency with the Videobrasil Festival in São Paulo in 2017.

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