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«Vis Motrix» – CocoonDance in Brazil

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Through the encounter with unfamiliar forms of movement and non-academically trained bodies, CocoonDance company [DE/CH] explores disciplines and movement techniques that are often alien to dance.

In «Vis Motrix», which the group presents on tour in Brazil, the artists create some strange as well as fascinating beings – not human, not animal, not alien, not machine, yet a mix of all of it. The dancers seem to come from another world, they move through space and merge into a peculiar organism with a hypnotic power.

Searching for the vis motrix, the driving force behind these movements, CocoonDance continues the company’s research of the “unthought” body: transhumanism as a traumatic round dance that does not leave our unconsciousness untouched.

The study of language as an instrument for capturing, clarifying, and archiving movement has become a core element of CocoonDance’s research. Since 2017, the company has developed a growing glossary to create an open archive of collectively gained knowledge.

Part of the company’s Brazilian tour will take place in the framework of MID – Movimento Internacional de Dança.


CocoonDance [DE/CH] was founded by choreographer Rafaële Giovanola [CH and dramaturge Rainald Endraß [DE] in 2000. Since 2004, the company has performed and directed the dance division at Theater im Ballsaal, which receives institutional support from the federal city of Bonn [DE]. The company is defined by a diverse, international, and interdisciplinary network, and is regularly involved in cultural and educational activities as well as promoting young talent through its own junior company and artistic education. The company’s roughly 40 productions have been commissioned as guest performances on five continents and awarded multiple prizes, including the sponsorship grant from the canton of Valais. In 2018 and 2020, CocoonDance was represented at the contemporary dance biennial Tanzplattform Deutschland [DE].

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