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«Wallmapu ex-situ»

Switzerland, Chile — Knowledge sharing Comunidad de conservación Namuncai © Aldir Polymeris

Wallmapu is the Mapuche name for the territory inhabited by this community. However, this territory is officially called Araucanía and is largely within the territory of the Chilean state. For 400 years, Wallmapu has been the scene of a highly complex territorial conflict between Mapuche communities, the Chilean state, transnational forestry companies and descendants of European settlers, among them, members of a Swiss diaspora.

«Wallmapu ex-situ» is a virtual space in the form of a videoconference room, a real, yet geographically unreachable meeting place. Based on indigenous ontologies and Bruno Latour’s «Parliament of Things», human representatives of non-human actors from Switzerland and Chile will meet here to reflect on the implications of the colonial history of Wallmapu and to collectively develop new narrative forms for this history.

#2 Conference © Domink Zietlow
#2 Conference © Domink Zietlow

Through three conferences, held in both German and Spanish, «Wallmapu ex-situ» uses the virtual space in relation to its characteristic as a space of possibilities, in which traditional borders and hierarchies are speculatively crossed, allowing the dissemination of new discourses on other forms of coexistence that do not have any space in real politics. 

About Trop cher to share 

Trop cher to share is a trans-disciplinary artist collective whose core currently consists of Nina Willimann and Aldir Polymeris. Since 2011, Trop cher to share develops mostly site-specific projects, often collaborating with local communities and artists. Since 2014, the group has been engaged with the Region of Wallmapu and the entanglement of Switzerland in its history. The first project, Arcadia (2014), won the jury prize of the Secondo Theater Festival in 2015. In 2020, the project «Teach me to dance!» (2019) ranked on the shortlist of the 7th Swiss Theatertreffen. 

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