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Yvonne Eisenring – residency in Buenos Aires [AR]

Argentina — Residencies

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Yvonne Eisenring

A writer researching themes such as sex, sexism, and female empowerment, Yvonne Eisenring [CH] has created pieces like the theatre play «Grab Them by the Penis» – a comedy that deals with sexism and old-fashioned gender roles – and the novel «Poison Ivy», that discusses topics of sexuality, spirituality, and the desire to combine the ideals of freedom and belonging.

To expand on her investigation, she participated in a residency in Buenos Aires, making contact with the local scene. “I always knew that the theatre scene in Buenos Aires is huge, but I was surprised by how big it is”, says Yvonne. “And I’m like very happy that I collaborated with female artist, translators, and directors, because they understood my work on a level that I think is that’s universal.”

“And what I didn’t expect and was very amazing for me, was that I found collaboration partners for two of my theatre projects. I met two women who are now working translating them into Spanish and one to bring them on stage in Buenos Aires. And that’s just like a possibility and an opportunity that I’ve never had dreamed of.”

She says much of what she took from the residency comes from searching for people and making an effort to collaborate with different professionals.

“Writing is always lonely; it doesn’t matter where you do it. But I think what is very important in a residency is that you get inspired and influenced by another culture. I think that’s why its so important not only travelling but changing the way you look at the world and, therefore, changing the way you choose topics and look at them.”


Yvonne Eisenring is a Swiss author, playwright and screenwriter. She is co-founder of media art project Yuujou and host of «Unlocked, Wahrheit, Wein und Eisenring» and «Zivadiliring». She lives between Zurich, Paris, and New York.

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